Advance Sourcing Using Keepa 2.0

Ten ways to use Keepa to find great REPLENS Inventory

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One of the biggest challenges many new Amazon REPLENS sellers on Amazon face is finding profitable inventory.


These all new Spring 2023 modules address that challenge and allow you to zero-in quickly on the exact types of products you would like to sell. This training will help you systemize the use of Keepa and convert it to a true REPLENS hunting machine!


Hear dozens of interviews with the many students who are currently using these strategies with great success on our free podcast at .
If you haven’t yet been trained on Amazon selling basics, you might consider enrolling in the course in order to get the basics. This Keepa training is also included as part of the ‘PAC’.

Keepa is the tool that we use most frequently in our analysis of inventory on the Amazon platform, but after coaching hundreds of students into successful businesses we’ve noted that most sellers simply don’t yet know how to fully leverage the power of Keepa.

This video training series reveals numerous new levers, dials and switches that Amazon sellers can use as-is or stack together in sequence to get super creative with their REPLENS sourcing process
Brian & Robin Joy Olson
HIghly sought after coaching leaders on the Jim Cockrum Coaching Team.

Topics Include these NINE NEW Keepa Strategies that we’ve never taught before. Now you can use these strategies individually or stacked in combination, for unlimited possibilities:

  • Find box filler items in the brand you were just approved for
  • Exploit FBM only & oversized listings with your FBA offer
  • Are there any listings with no buy box and no sales rank??
  • “Advanced Sourcing Using Keepa” training video is EPIC!!!”
  • “It literally changed the whole game for me!!”
  • “The advance keepa training has been worth every penny. The course has given me a chance at “restarting” my business plan so it’s not so random or by chance.”
  • “I never found any real replens till doing this course.”

Upon payment you will receive immediate access to our learning portal where these training modules are neatly organized into short video training sessions.

The truth is, once you've got a handle on how to use the advanced filters in Keepa, the world will be your oyster. With nearly 300 buttons, dials, switches and filters in Keepa, the combinations of product sourcing are nearly endless.

Is this YOU?

  • Would you like to add 20-30 profitable items to your inventory in the next few days?

  • Are you willing to follow this step-by-step guide to slicing and dicing a cross-section of data that specifically meets your desired types of products?

If the answer to both of these questions is a resounding “YES!” then take action now!


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